Start the day with a good feast.

Breakfast buffet

The breakfast buffet at our Partner Hotel Alpen Resort **** offers you everything you need for a successful start in the da. Every day 07:00-11:00.

  • Daily selection of fresh regional bread
  • Delicacies including bacon, salami, ham, and sausages
  • homemade fruit yogurt
  • Cheese selection
  • Salmon and trout fillets
  • Vegetables
  • For the sweet tooth: marmalade, Nutella, honey etc.
  • Muesli, cornflakes, nuts, seeds
  • fruit juices
  • hot beverages: milk, Ovomaltine and all kinds of coffee
  • Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, and omelette

Pricing: 25 CHF per person/per day

The breakfast buffet is about 5 minutes walking distance from your apartment and does not need to be reserved.
Just sign in at the reception of the Alpen Resort Hotel and you can start the feast.